Cheap Washington Wizards Tickets

Cheap Washington Wizards Tickets

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Cheap Washington Wizards Tickets

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Founded: 1961
Location: Washington DC
Stadium: Verizon Center
Conference: Eastern Conference
Division: Southeast Division

Wizards in history

1997-now Washington Wizards; NBA
1974-1996 Washington Bullets; NBA
1973-1973 Capital Bullets; NBA
1963-1972 Baltimore Bullets; NBA
1962-1962 Chicago Zephyrs; NBA
1961-1961 Chicago Packers; NBA

Washington Wizards Rosters

Arenas Gilbert (C)
Blatche Andray
Butler Caron (C)
Daniels Antonio
Haywood Brendan
Jamison Antawn (C)
Mason Jr. Roger (FA)
McGuire Dominic (DP)
Pecherov Oleksiy
Songaila Darius
Stevenson DeShawn
Thomas Etan
Young Nick (DP)

The Washington Wizards is a professional National Basketball Association team situated in Washington, D.C. it is one of the seven teams that area member of the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association. It was established initially as the Chicago Packers, and later played as Chicago Zephyrs Baltimore Bullets and the Washington Bullets before they reanmed themselves the Wizards. They play in the MCI Center wearing red, white and blue colored uniforms. To date the Washington Wizards have won only one NBA championship whereas they have bagged a total of four Conference titles and seven Division titles.

They made their debut as the Chicago Packers in 1961-62 season. They changed their name to the Zephyrs in the following season. In 1963 it was relocated to Baltimore where it was renamed the Baltimore Bullets. During their first year they ranked fourth in the 5 member Western Division. They debuted in NBA in the 1961-62 season with the identity of the Chicago Packers and won eighteen games their very first season. The renamed themselves the Zephyrs for a short while but switched to being called the Bullets after their relocation to Baltimore.

During late seventies, in 1978 to be precise the Bullets not only made it to the playoffs but also managed to defeat the Atlanta Hawks, the San Antonio Spurs and the Philadelphia 76ers and advanced to the Finals. But unfortunately they were pitted against the Seattle SuperSonics in the finals and were defeated by them. They fell three games behind and managed to win only two. But they made a surprise comeback towards the end and won the seven-game series and successfully captured the NBA title.

Later in the mid of nineties they successfully made two acquisitions which proved beneficial for the team collectively. They acquired Chris Webber and Juwan Howard who were ex university team mates in University and had led their university into a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Championship game. In May of 1997, the Bullets renamed themselves officially and also changed their logo. In 1999, former player Michael Jordan was appointed the president for the Washington Wizards' basketball operations. September of 2001 saw the comeback of Chicago Jordan in the age of late thirties.

They maintained their players for most part of the 2006-07 season and only lost Jarvis Hayes, Calvin Booth and Michael Ruffin. They signed player Oleksiy Pecherov in result of a first-round pick in 2006 and players Nick Young and Dominic McGuire in 2007 picks. Their player Thomas was unable to make it to the regular season owing to an open heart surgery. They had several other changes in the team in context to their logos and uniform. They alternated the recently introduced gold and black uniform. They introduced last season along with the design change on the Verizon Center floor, the secondary colors of the team were changed from bronze to metallic gold whereas the numbers on the back of the players’ jersey were changed from white and blue mixed with bronze to golden. The lettering was also changed.

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