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TNA is an abbreviation of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. It is an American professional wrestling promotion. TNA is the first American promotion to exclusively use a hexagonal wrestling ring as opposed to the more conventional four-sided ring. The organization also employs the unconventional rule that a championship can change hands as the result of a disqualification.


TNA World Heavyweight Championship Kurt Angle 2007
TNA X Division Championship Johnny Devine 2008
TNA World Tag Team Championship A.J. Styles and Tomko 2007
TNA Women's World Championship Awesome Kong 2008

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling popularly known by its abbreviated version the TNA, is a professional wrestling promotion that was established by Jeff Jarrett and his father named Jerry Jarrett during May of 2002. The main owner is Panda Energy International, a company that works from an office located in Florida.

It is the first ever American endorsement that uses the wrestling ring shaped in a hexagon in contrast to the average four-sided ring. Further a steel cage surrounds the ring where the matches take place. This steel caged match is known as a Six Sides of Steel matches. Additionally it conducts an annual pay-per-view that is known as the Lockdown featuring individual matches inside of the steel cage. The organization supports the eccentric supremacy of the fact that a championship changes hands as a consequence of a disqualification or in case of a count out. But time has resulted in the phasing out of this particular rule. The basic concept behind TNA Wrestling originated between Bob Ryder, Jeff Jarrett and Jerry Jarrett who were discussing their prospective futures in an informal outing.

At that time it was the sole wrestling product on television that followed WWE. Many stations believed that wrestling was bad for business, whereas Ryder came up with the suggestion that a company that would go live instead of television would generate more profits. As a result of this TNA was initially aired on the official typeset of the "TNA impact!" in 2004 on the channel of Fox Sports Net. The contract expired and was not was not renewed in the following year owing to its constant low ratings. Other than the weekly shows, TNA started staging house shows in March of 2006. Until October it managed to hold some of the monthly pay-per-views external to their central filming setting. Further its expansion to other areas with a video game made under the Midway Games was made. It was titled TNA Impact! and was released in the current year recently. This famous wrestling method was amongst the top most characteristics of both the WCW and the ECW. They laid considerable emphasis on the inclusion of several wrestlers for the performance of this style that were below hundred kg. It was known as the cruiserweight division and TNA laid great emphasis on the perilous moves that the wrestlers had to execute.

There is no end limit to either the X Division or itís identify. In fact several wrestlers that are a member of this organization are cruiserweights such as Sonny Siaki, Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle to name a few. It was TNA who gave original recognition to the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) World Heavyweight and also the World Tag Team Championships. With regards to tradition the NWA World Champions have to repeatedly protect their titles against the local contenders from the several NWA territories whereas the opposite happened in the TNA where the titles were leased from the NWA for the purpose of freeing the reigning champion from additional obligations.
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