Cheap Super Bowl Tickets

Cheap Super Bowl Tickets

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Cheap Super Bowl Tickets

The Super Bowl is the most watched single event in sports today. Millions tune in from around the world to see who is the best football team on the planet. It is so renowned that 30 second commercials cost well over a million dollars to air during the game.

Super Bowl tickets are the most expensive and elusive tickets you can imagine. They are quickly bought up by corporate America and people with connections that very few Super Bowl tickets are offered to the general public.

But, if you can somehow manage to get your hands on a ticket, you are one in a million. There is nothing better, no matter what venue is your favorite, than the Super Bowl. You can feel the energy two weeks before kick off.

Even if your favorite team is not playing, you still get taken away by the moment. Everyone has ear to ear smiles across their faces as they know that they are the envy of millions. If you can somehow pull off getting Super Bowl tickets, go to the game and be a part of history.

Super Bowl tickets typically start at the $2,000 dollar mark. Of course, that's if you want to be seated in the corner of the upper decks. Consider adding the price of some decent binoculars and you're in for a couple hundred more. Of course, you could forego the visual amplification and just sit on the lower deck at the 50 yard line. Those Super Bowl tickets only cost you something just shy of $4,500. Now before you faint, consider what these prices get you.

You get a free program. Not just any program, a Super Bowl Program. You also get the chance to sit in on the greatest single event this nation has to offer in sports. The pre-game and halftime shows alone are amazing medleys performed by the world's greatest stars. Most importantly, you get bragging rights that you were at the game. These bragging rights have no cash value, but I'm sure they're worth quite a lot.

With so many sporting events hosting National and World Championships, it can be difficult to choose between championship sporting events. With Super Bowl tickets, however, you are one of the few people to see the only game that determines the best team in football. Such is not the case with other sports.

In basketball, playoffs and the championship game are a best of seven. Hockey and baseball do the same thing. Only football plays one game, made up of four brief quarters, to decide who will go home a champion. That pressure is felt both on the field and by everyone in the stands. I have never been fortunate enough to attend a Super Bowl. From what I've heard from friends who have, the experience is one you will never forget. They even said it was worth every dime. And I believe them--I saw the program.

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