Cheap Seattle Mariners Tickets

Cheap Seattle Mariners Tickets

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Cheap Seattle Mariners Tickets

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Founded: 1977
Location: Seattle, Washington
Stadium: Safeco Field
Conference: American League
Division: West Division
1977- now, Seattle Mariners

All Seattle Mariners Players

Ichiro Suzuki
Randy Winn
Raul Ibanez
Richie Sexson
Adrian Beltre
Bret Boone
Jeremy Reed
Yuniesky Betancourt
Wilson Valdez

Seattle Mariners hold an all time record of 116 wins but are still one of the five unfortunate MLB teams who have not been given a chance to showcase their talent in the World Series. They made an entry in the American league in the 1977 season but failed to record a win until the 1991 season.

The story of the Mariners inception is very interesting. It was the result of lawsuit in 1970. The American league purchased and relocated the pilots to Milwaukee. The state of Seattle and Washington sued the American League for the violation of the contract. A loss of #32 million was demanded in return for the loss of the Pilots. Kingdome, which was initially intended to be the home stadium for the Pilots was in fact the first ever stadium for the Seattle Mariners. Since the departure of the pilots the Major League Baseball came back to Seattle in 1969 for the very first time. This was an aftermath to the "Forward Thrust" bond that was passed by the voters in 1969.

The first ever game of the Mariners was played at Kingdome against the California Angels in 1977 which they lost 7-0. In fact they failed to make a noticeable impact till many years to come. They finished last or second last in 10 out of the first 13 seasons. There first win came in the season of 1991 where they managed a total of 83 wins under the leadership of the manager Jim Lefebvre. It was individually the team's best season to date but secured them only the fifth place in the division. Lefebvre had to bear the consequences and was fired.

Despite its promising and well established stars the team was notorious for their track record of losses. They acquired several talented young players in their team in 1987. They also managed to acquire Griffey who was a star player. He had whole package and gave the fans new hope of the revival of the Mariners. He was not just a star but a true superstar who assisted the Mariners to several successful victories during the 11 seasons that he served in Seattle.

A new manager was hired in 1992. He was well liked and ended up being the manager of the team from 1993-2002. During this time he even won Manager of the Year Awards awarded by the National League. 1994 saw the addition of a number of strong players that improved the luck of the team.

Although some of the best pitchers featured in the 95 Mariners’ team they did not achieve considerable victory. Griffey ended up with an injury but the Mariners still played fairly well. And it was in 95 that they made their way in to the American League Championship Series for the first time.

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