Cheap Sacramento Kings Tickets

Cheap Sacramento Kings Tickets

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Cheap Sacramento Kings Tickets

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Sacramento Kings tickets have been sold under many different names for the last 55 years. Originally the Rochester Royals then the Cincinnati Royals then the Kansas City Kings the Sacramento Kings finally settled down in their current home in 1985. The franchise has not won an NBA Title since 1951 when they were in Rochester.

It has been a difficult journey for those who loyally purchase Sacramento Kings tickets year after year. 2001-02 showed the most promise when the Kings kicked out a record of 61-21. It was good enough for the best record in the NBA but not for an NBA Championship title. Despite these troubles I meet more and more people everyday who are pulling for the Sacramento Kings to win.

Oddly enough the Sacramento Kings ticket sales never seem to take a bounce. The closer they come to a National Championship the more people keep saying they want to witness that first. Even during some seasons when their record is not as glamorous as 61-21 Sacramento Kings tickets are in high demand.

Even here in southern California I am somewhat distraught by the amount of Kings fans that surround me. It causes an uneasy feeling as I see them slowly infiltrating the southland. I definitely wonder why these Kings win over so many new fans each year. I've seen games and I know there's something special other than the ringing of cowbells in the Arco Arena but I still can't put my finger on it. The only thing I know for sure is that when this team wins its NBA Championship mountains will move with the sound of its fans rejoicing.

Founded: 1945
Location: Sacramento California
Stadium: ARCO Arena
Conference: Western Conference
Division: Pacific Division
Sacramento Kings Championship Titles: 1
Sacramento Kings Conference Titles: 0

Kings in history

1985-now Sacramento Kings; NBA
1975-1984 Kansas City Kings; NBA
1972-1974 Kansas City-Omaha Kings; NBA
1957-1971 Cincinnati Royals; NBA
1950-1956 Rochester Royals; NBA
1948-1949 Rochester Royals; BAA
1945-1947 Rochester Royals; NBL
1943-1944 Rochester Pros; Ind
1942-1942 Rochester Eber Seagrams; Ind
1936-1941 Rochester Seagrams; Ind
1933-1935 Rochester Seagrams; District Basketball League
1932-1932 Rochester Seagrams; District Basketball Association
1923-1931 Rochester Seagrams; Ind

Sacramento Kings Rosters

Abdur-Rahim Shareef
Artest Ron
Bibby Mike
Douby Quincy
García Francisco
Hawes Spencer
Jones Dahntay
Martin Kevin
Miller Brad
Moore Mikki
Salmons John
Thomas Kenny
Udrih Beno
Williams Justin

The Sacramento Kings is a professional National Basketball Association team that is located in California. It is amongst the seven teams that are a member of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The team plays its games at the ARCO Arena in California wearing purple and white colored uniforms. They were established in 1945 part of the National Basketball League.

In the late forties the team joined the Basketball Association of America (BAA). They bagged their one and only title in 1951. After the introduction of the 24-second clock in 1955-56 season the Royals were hurt as their strategy mainly revolved around slow style of play. This resulted in a decline in their performance which resulted in their relocation in the 1957-58 seasons in Ohio. The Royals made it to the Eastern Division Finals but were defeated in seven consecutive games by the Boston Celtics in 1963. A finishing record of 55 wins was posted by them after the inclusion of Jerry Lucas joined in to the team. They were bought pre 1972-73 seasons by a group of Kansian investors. They relocated and renamed the franchise as the Omaha Kings, who made a comeback to the playoffs in 1978-79 seasons with Fitzsimmons as their head coach.

The Kings were resold in 1983 again to a group of investors, but this time from California. It resulted in the relocation to Sacramento a couple of years later. In the mid of nineties Richmond, Grant and Smith led the team to their first playoff appearance in a decade, but unfortunately they were defeated by the Seattle Supersonics. The teams’ popularity soared with Bibby as the teams’ floor leader, Stojakovic at the wing, with Webber providing the all-star numbers and a talented coach that was Bobby Jackson.

The Kings posted a finishing record of 61-21 in the 2002 season. The rivalry between the Lakers was the Kings reached an all time high during the 2002 Western Conference Finals where seven games were played amongst them in a series that is regarded to be the best in the NBA history. Brad Miller, Kevin Martin and Bibby are the only players who have managed to stay for and year in the team since 2002. Webber’s trade in exchange for Williamson, Thomas and Skinner was made in 2005 with the trade of Peja Stojakovic following close behind in exchange for Artest.

As a result of the decline in the attendance in the games held at ARCO Arena and also in regards to the obsolete building the building of a new venue was considered. It was expected to be a $600 million facility in downtown Sacramento which was financed by the increase in sales tax during the next 15 years. It has been promised by the government that not a cent from the public money will be utilized for the purpose of building this arena.

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