Cheap Oakland Athletics Tickets

Cheap Oakland Athletics Tickets

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Cheap Oakland Athletics Tickets

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Oakland Athletics tickets have only been on sale as such since 1968. From 1955 to 1968, they were sold under the title of the Kansas City Athletics and before that, they were in Philadelphia for 54 years. No matter the name of the city, the Athletics organization has been thrilling fans and upsetting rivals for more than a century. From Connie Mack to Mark McGwire, the Athletics have always been a strong team with a deep history.

If you ever find yourself in the Oakland area, I strongly urge you to buy Oakland Athletics tickets. There, in that sea of green and yellow, you will find yourself in love with the history and talent of the organization. For me, growing up in southern California, I never much cared for the Athetics until I finally saw a game on their home turf.

Each year, the Oakland Athletics come that much closer to winning a World Series. Oh sure, they've won them in the past, but I get the feeling they've wanted it more badly than ever since beating the Giants in 1989. Maybe it's the wishful thinking of a Dodgers fan, but I've been ready for a rematch of their loss in 1988 as much as they have. One thing is for sure--they're not getting any worse.

Promoting a pitching staff that always pleases, Oakland Athletics tickets are a surefire way to have a good time at a ball game. Once there, I encourage you to stop, look around, and enjoy the stadium's vibrant colors and rich history. You will, at the very least, feel welcome.

Founded: 1901
Location: Oakland, California
Stadium: McAfee Coliseum
Conference: American League
Division: West Division
Oakland Athletics World Series Title: 9
Oakland Athletics NL Championships: 15

Athletics History

1968- now, Oakland Athletics
1962-1967, Kansas City A's
1955-1961, Kansas City Athletics
1901-1954, Philadelphia Athletics

All Oakland Athletics Players

Jason Kendall
Mark Kotsay
Bobby Crosby
Eric Chavez
Scott Hatteberg
Scott Hatteberg
Dan Johnson
Nick Swisher
Marco Scutaro

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