Cheap New York Rangers Tickets

Cheap New York Rangers Tickets

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Cheap New York Rangers Tickets

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New York Rangers tickets have always been the hottest hockey buy in the Big Apple. They have a long history and are a storied franchise. You know that you are going to have a great experience and watch top quality hockey when you go to a Rangers game.

No matter how the Rangers are doing, you will not go wrong buying New York Rangers tickets. Just the experience of watching a game at Madison Square Garden is enough to want to buy Rangers tickets. It is definitely the real deal top to bottom.

When the Rangers are winning, tickets are almost impossible to come across. Everyone in town wants to go to the games. It is known as one of the wildest and loudest arena's in all of hockey. You will leave there with your heart pounding and your throat soar from all the cheering.

There are many ways to get tickets to these games. The most common way is to go through ticket agencies including the Garden. When games are sold out, you are going to have to go through brokers. If all else fails, you can ALWAYS buy tickets from a scalper there.

Tickets to any sporting event in New York are a priceless investment and New York Rangers tickets are no exception. After opening up shop at Madison Square Garden in 1926, the Rangers won their first Stanley Cup in 1928. This feat still marks the last time that an NHL team has won the title in only its second year. Since then, nothing short of legendary has happened each year at the greatest sports arena. The Rangers quickly earned a loyal, and distinguished following.

Known as "the classiest team in hockey," the Rangers quickly dispelled all misconceptions of the sport with their clean style of play. Broadway entertainers, City Hall politicians and the elite of the city were soon purchasing New York Rangers tickets and finding themselves shoulder to shoulder with a black tie crowd enjoying the games. Only missing the playoffs once in their first 16 years, the Rangers never disappointed their high society fans.

Even now, when more than just the upper echelon can afford hockey tickets and watch the games, it is still something special to see a contest in that most magical of places, Madison Square Garden. While you might not feel like you're surrounded by the who's who of New York, you would be surprised by how many celebrities and politicians carry on that long-standing tradition.

The beauty of seeing a game at the Garden is that you don't have to be famous to buy New York Rangers tickets. You don't even have to be a fan. But sitting in on a game and being surrounded by history, you might soon feel like celebrity and you might soon find yourself cheering a little harder than you thought you would.

Founded: 1926
Location: New York, New York
Stadium: Madison Square Garden
Conference: Eastern Conference
1926-now, New York Rangers; [NHL]

The New York Rangers was founded by Lester Patrick in 1926 and was amongst the original six National Hockey League teams. The team has always been a force to contend with and included legendary players including Frank Boucher, Bun Cook, Lorne Chabot, and Bill Cook. The New York Rangers claimed the Stanley Cup championship for the first time in 1928. The second Stanley Cup victory came in 1933 when they defeated Toronto Maple Leafs and claimed the prestigious trophy.

New York Rangers are a remarkable team with an enviable track record; they held the Stanley Cup thrice and missed the playoffs only once in their first sixteen seasons. The Rangers team that played the 1939-40 season was exceptionally talented and were making history when the World War II started in the fall of 1939. The said team is to be credited with introducing the strategy of replacing the goaltender for a sixth attacker in the last minute of play.

The fans were to miss the New York Rangers’ spark and winning streak for the next twenty years or so. However, the team was back on the track by the late 1960s. It lost the Stanley Cup finals to a young but strong team Boston Bruins in a six game series. The mid-1970s saw competition spring up close to home with the formation of the New York Islanders franchise in the Long Island. Although the New York Islanders lacked the team’s glorious history and rich experience, it was to surface as a force to contend with.

The history of New York Rangers is colored with changes both on and off the ice. Craig Patrick, Lester Patrick’s grandson stepped as general manager and Herb Brooks nicknamed ‘Miracle on Ice’ was hired to coach the team. Integrating a European hockey influence with a more aggressive American approach ensured the team frequent spots in playoffs. An argument between Keenan, one of the star players of the team, and general manager Neil Smith ended in Keenan quitting the team before the championship. This was a huge loss as fans were once again disappointed with the champions’ below average performance. Smith drafted Wayne Gretzky in the next season trying to overcome the damage caused by Keenan’s departure.

Wayne Gretzky popularly known as ‘The Great One’ for his amazing career spanning over two decades played the last game of his career at a New York Ranger at Madison Square Garden. Gretzky’s retirement forced the management to realize essential problems with the team i.e. it lacked young, energetic and talented players. Most older players charged exorbitant amounts and were frequently injured leading to an underperforming team with huge expenses. The team displayed inconsistent performance because of frequent injuries to several experienced players including Mike Richter, Brian Leetch, Eric Lindros, and Pavel Bure that led it vulnerable on the ice. The team was then taken over by architect Glen Sather who although has been recruited as the general manager also decided to take up the additional responsibility of coaching the New York Rangers.

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