Cheap New York Mets Tickets

Cheap New York Mets Tickets

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Cheap New York Mets Tickets

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Founded: 1962
Location: New York City, New York
Stadium: Shea Stadium
Conference: National League
Division: East Division
New York Mets World Series Title: 2
New York Mets NL Championships: 4
1962- now, New York Mets

All New York Mets Players

Jose Reyes
Miguel Cairo
Carlos Beltran
Cliff Floyd
David Wright
David Wright
David Wright
Victor Diaz
Pedro Martinez

The New York Mets is a Major League Baseball team that is situated in New York. They are not only a member of the Eastern Division of the National League but are the top major league franchise in New York. They secured two World Series wins, the first in 1969 and the second in 1986.

New York was abandoned by the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants in 1957 in the favor of California. The result was the largest city of United States being without a National League franchise. William Shea, an attorney by profession announced the formation of a major baseball league in 1959. Four expansion franchises came into creation. Two franchises were included in each league, in return for the abandonment of the new league. The Paysonís were the major owners of the National league team received by New York City.

The Mets were commonly known as the losers during their initial history ranging from 1962-1968. They started playing on the field in Ď62. They lost nine initial games and finished at a score of 40-120 with a winning percentage of only .250. This was a record low by any of the major league teams since the start of the 20th Century. Only the Cleveland Spiders preceded them with a worst score of 20-134. it would not be wrong to say that the Mets of the early 60s were notorious for their ineptitude. But as time passed their image of being lovable losers started to wear thin.

Shock was in store for them when their manager died after a sudden heart attack towards the end of the training season. It took the team a while to recover from the initial shock and confusion followed by their managerís death. The manager had been the key reason behind the World Series victory of 1969. This contributed heavily to the downfall of the team.

Owing to these unfavorable conditions the Mets franchise was sold to the Doubleday publishing company by the Payson heirs. They sold the Mets for a whooping $21.1 million in the starting month of 1980. The seat of the new chairman was filled by Nelson Doubleday Jr. while Fred Wilpon was appointed the president of the club owing to his shareholder status. To devise a plan and put it into action the role of general manager fell upon Frank Cashen.

The new and the improved Mets hired the services of the all-star catcher Gary Carter. They won a total of 98 games but unfortunately lost out to the St. Louis Cardinals in the final.

The Mets acquired the 2006 division title and put an end to the winning streak of the Atlanta Braves who had been winning this title for 14 consecutive seasons. Since 1994, the Mets were the first team ever to have won the eastern National League East title. The only other team that had the privilege of wining this title was Atlanta. It was also the first time ever in the history that both the New York teams, i.e. The Mets and the Yankees had recorded wins in their respective divisions for the same year.

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