Cheap New York Knicks Tickets

Cheap New York Knicks Tickets

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Cheap New York Knicks Tickets

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Along with the Lakers, New York Knick tickets are on high demand. This high profile team in one of Americas most high profile cities brings high profile fans. Knick home games cause quite a ruckus.

You Are Now Entering Madison Square Garden

Not only does Knicks basketball have a lot of history, so does their arena. Madison Square Garden has played host to some of basketballs most notorious moments. This arena is cherished by all who cherish basketball.

New York Knick ticket holders are some of New York's finest. There will be prominent business men, movie producers, stars and athletes all in one event. You will find all of New Yorks finest at these games.

Now that the Knicks are not as good as they once have been, there tickets are easier to come by. Granted, getting floor seats is still nearly impossible, the general public has a good grasp on any other level. So reserve your tickets while you can because they might just have a breakout year.

Thank goodness New York Knicks tickets have always been New York Knicks tickets. Of all the original charter members of the NBA, only the Knicks and Celtics are still in their original towns. The New York Knicks are as New York as the Yankees themselves. New York may have lost the Dodgers and their baseball Giants, but the Knicks don't appear to be going anywhere.

Willis Reed, Walt Frazier and Bill Bradley can all lay claim to having helped build a dynasty that is still alive and well. In the 1970s, these men helped the team go on to win two NBA Championships. The fan base, well ... come on ... it's New York. Once you have them, you own them. The good people of New York have been buying New York Knicks tickets for decades. They keep coming back year after year to see what their team can do.

While being a New York Knick fan is a serious tradition usually passed down from generation to generation, it is still possible to jump in on the dynasty. You've seen how many celebrity fans come out to Los Angeles Lakers games (they show them on TV every time), but you'd be surprised how many of them come out to a New York Knicks game. For bicoastal celebs, the Knicks offer a wonderful alternative.

Of course, you won't be able to call yourself a true fan just because you bought New York Knicks tickets. True fans would kill me if I automatically granted you that status. But if you stick around and make them your own, you might just fall in love with Big Apple basketball after all. Knowing that town and its sports teams, they probably won't let you down.

Founded: 1946
Location: New York City, New York
Stadium: Madison Square Garden
Conference: Eastern Conference
Division: Atlantic Division
Dancers: Knicks City Dancers
New York Knicks Championship Titles: 2
New York Knicks Conference Titles: 8

Knicks Rosters

Balkman Renaldo
Chandler Wilson
Collins Mardy
Crawford Jamal
Curry Eddy
James Jerome
Jeffries Jared
Jones Fred
Lee David
Marbury Stephon
Morris Randolph
Randolph Zach
Richardson Quentin
Robinson Nate
Rose Malik

The New York Knickerbockers nicknamed the Knicks is a professional basketball team that is located in New York City. It is amongst the seven teams that are a member of the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association. They play their games in Madison Square Garden wearing blue, orange and white colored uniforms. To date they have bagged two championships titles, eight Conference Titles and eight Division titles.

It was originally owned by Gulf Western, which sold out to Viacom who sold it to the present owners, i.e. the Cablevision. With regards to the Forbes Magazine information it is the top most expensive basketball franchise in the US and is estimated to be a whooping $608 million. It still plays in the city that it was founded in. the other team to have the honor of still playing in its founding city is the Bolton Celtics. To date it has won several titles. It won ABA's starting game in 1946 and then made three consecutive NBA playoff appearances starting in 1951.

Things were hard for them during the sixties and they repeatedly finished last in the NBA's Eastern Division for many years. In 1962 Wilt Chamberlain a player of the Warriors scored a record 100 points against them and steered his team for a win at 169-147. In the late sixties things changed when the Knicks posted 18 consecutive wins that was a record at that time. It was by far the teamsí best regular season record. Things kept changing for the better in the early 70s too and they managed to win the NBA finals twice. At that time the team included several star players namely Reed, Lucas, Frazier, and Bradley to name a few. They made it to the finals again in 1994 and 1999 but were defeated on both occasions. They defeated the Bullets in the Eastern Division semifinals, the Bucks in the Eastern Division finals and finally the Lakers in seven games to bag their first ever NBA title.

They boast of the highest payroll in the history of NBA at $130 million. After the appointment of a new coach things got bad for them in 2006 and they posted a disappointing 15-37 record. They made several trades and acquisitions which included Davis, Rose and Francis. Some of the players who have now retired include DeBusschere, Ewing, Barnett, McGuire and Bradley to name a few.

In April 2008, Donnie Walsh was signed as the new president. At the end of the 2007-2008 regular season Isiah Thomas was dismissed by Walsh and Mike D'Antoni was officially announced the new head coach for the Knicks in March 2008. D'Antoni became the head coach after signing a four year deal at $24 million for coaching the team.May 20th 2008 saw the Knicks acquire a sixth pick in the 2008 Draft Lottery.

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