Cheap New Jersey Devils Tickets

Cheap New Jersey Devils Tickets

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Cheap New Jersey Devils Tickets

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New Jersey Devils tickets are arguably the hardest tickets in the NHL to come by. They are Stanley Cup contenders every year and have a huge loyal following. New Jersey loves its Devils and the Devils love New Jersey.

Getting New Jersey Devils Tickets

The NHL is not as highly demanded as other sports. You can usually get tickets for any game with no problems. That is not true for New Jersey Devils tickets. They are one of the few franchises that have near sell out games every single home game.

Getting Devils ticket on the road is even hard. They are the defending Stanley Cup Champions. Everyone wants to support their team against them. Every team goes for the throat of the champion. It is just good hockey all season long.

New Jersey home games, especially against rivals, are usually packed. That does not mean that you cannot get good seats, you are just going to have to pay for them. New Jersey is known for its scalpers and ticket hoards. You can get good seats to any game, you are just going to have to pay for them.

New Jersey Devils tickets are an opportunity to see one of the younger NHL teams with more tenacity and fire than many long-standing franchises. Since moving from Colorado (where they were the Rockies) in 1977 and changing their name to the Devils in 1982, the fan-named team has enjoyed three Stanley Cup titles. After being referred to by Wayne Gretzky as a "Mickey Mouse" organization, the New Jersey Devils answered with their first Stanley Cup win in 1995.

Since then, those who have purchased New Jersey Devils tickets will tell you that anything can happen. Three NHL championships in less than ten years is good pace for a team to become a dominant franchise in America. Though they've only been around for 20 years, it is in those last 10 that the Devils have begun to make a name for themselves.

Having proven themselves in the past ten years, the New Jersey Devils are without a doubt the team to watch in the next decade. Their last Stanley Cup win over the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim ensured their place among the elite of the NHL. Their fans will tell you that when you sit in on a game at the Meadowlands, you are in the midst of something great.

Nobody knows what will happen to hockey in the next ten years. In a league that is consistently morphing, relocating and still trying to find a fan base, it's becoming hard to establish any sort of following. With New Jersey Devils tickets, however, you have a more than decent sized chance at witnessing something great. Their fans named them the Devils, and they play like it.

Founded: 1974
Location: Newark, New Jersey
Stadium: Prudential Hall
Conference: Eastern Conference
Division: Atlantic Division
New Jersey Devils Stanley Cup Titles: 3
New Jersey Devils Conference Championships: 4

Devils History

1982-now, New Jersey Devils; [NHL]
1976-1981, Colorado Rockies ; [NHL]
1974-1975, Kansas City Scouts; [NHL]

The team New Jersey Devils is situated in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It is a professional ice hockey team which became a member of the Atlantic Division of the National Hockey League commonly known as the NHL in 1974. They have the honor of being the proud winners of the Stanley Cup titles thrice.

The club was initially formed in Kansas City around 1974 and was relocated first to Denver and then to New Jersey. They are currently managed by Lou Lamorielo. And under his management they have earned a total of 17 playoffs in the last 19 seasons. Several of their home games have been conducted at the Continental Airlines Arena since their move to New Jersey. It is expected that the team will move to the Prudential Center, which is currently under construction. Their biggest opponents are New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers.

The Kansas City franchise was initially going to be named Mohawks because of the inclusion of the surrounding areas but the idea was dropped owing to the vehement objections of the Chicago Black Hawks. Later it was renamed Scouts. The economic conditions in Midwest had a direct impact on the team. Only 2,000 out of 8,000 season tickets were bought and the team was in heavy debt. All these conditions led to the relocation of the franchise to Denver where it was renamed the Colorado Rockies.

The team started afresh and recorded their first ever win after the move against Toronto. In fact things were going so well that they were prospective playoff contenders but they did not make it to the finals and finished at 76-77.

In 1982, the team was yet again renamed as the New Jersey Devils. Their first game with their new identity against the Pittsburgh Penguins was a tie. Their first win came against the New York Rangers whom they beat by a score of 3-2. They finished second last in the Patrick Division.

In the 1987-88 seasons the Devils recorded a place in the finals of the Patrick division. Although the final game was a tie between them and their rivals, the Rangers, they still made it to the final playoff spot because of an additional win under their belt. This was the second time ever in the history, that the devils had made it to the playoffs. They lost in the finals and the following season missed a place in the playoffs.

But things were bright again when they defeated the Dallas Stars in six games to win the Stanley Cup for the second time in the year 1999-2000. The highlight of that particular season was that the Devils, who were initially trailing behind the Flyers, had made a rebound to record their second win ever in the Stanley cup. They defeated the Flyers 3-1 which was a first for them in the history of the NHL Conference. The Team captain of that time was awarded with the Conn Smythe Trophy.

The Devils defeated the New York Rangers in the Stanley cup in 2006 which marked their first ever victory against their rivals in a playoff series.

Missouri popularly known as the “show me state” is the birthplace of the National Hockey League team New Jersey Devils previously called the Kanas City Scouts. Sadly, the team did not last long in Kansas City. New Jersey Devils moved to Denver in 1978 and changed their name to Colorado Rockies. Although the team’s performance was somewhat disappointing in their first year, it improved considerably when the legendary Don Cherry was recruited as coach for the 1979-80 season.

New Jersey Devils claimed their first win on September 17, 1982 against the Washington Capitals with a score of 3-1. The New York Rangers became the archrival of New Jersey Devils from their very first season when the games between the two ignited flames. Unfortunately, they finished in the fifth spot in the Six Team Patrick Division and were not included in the postseason. The team gave their worst performance on record in their second season.

The team drafted some very talented players that increased their popularity tremendously and positively impacted its performance. John McLean and Kirk Muller are two of the New Jersey Devils’ most popular and talented players that have long and glorious hockey careers. New Jersey Devils employed Lou Lamoriello as their general manager in 1987 after giving average or below average performances in several seasons.

The series did not start well for the New Jersey Devils as they lost 3-4 in overtime to New York Islanders, also their arch rivals from Long Island. However, they taught the New York Islanders not to underestimate their competition when they defeated them in six consecutive games taking on Washington Capitals in the second round. The series lasted for seven games and John McLean scored the winning goal in the second round matchup.

The team underwent several key changes making it a stronger and superior team; Jacques Lemaire was appointed coach; Scott Stevens was selected captain and Ken Daneko Martin Brodeur and Scott Neidermayer were drafted to the team. In the shortened season, the New Jersey Devils faced Boston Bruins in the first round and claimed the second place in their division.

Relying on their defensive strategy often called the neutral zone trap the New Jersey Devils glided through the 1990’s with several memorable performances despite the fact that quite a few coaches worked with the team during the decade. Robby Ftorek, the team’s coach in 2000 was sacked in the middle of the season and was replaced by Larry Robinson. Robinson led the team to one of their moments of glory; winning the Stanley Cup after defeating Dallas Stars in six games in a row. Despite having a strong coach and an extremely talented team, the New Jersey Devils lost the Stanely Cup to Colorado Avalanche the next year. This led the management to hire Kevin Constantine as the team’s new coach. In the next playoffs they defeated the Bruins, Lightning, and Senators and were faced with the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim in the Stanley Cup finals. The team claimed its third Stanley Cup with a 4-2 series win against the Mighty Ducks.

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