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Cheap Monster Jam Trucks Tickets

A monster truck is a bulky vehicle that is more commonly referred to as a pickup. It would not be wrong to say that it is a modification of an average truck with huge wheels. The basic purpose fulfilled by these trucks is the provision of entertainment. There are more people than we know who enjoy being witness to this destructive event.

In several cases it is also they are brought forward along the tractors in the Motocross races. The Monster truck events involve a huge truck that simply squeezes and crushes the comparatively smaller vehicles beneath its huge tires. Apart from crushing smaller vehicles they are also able enough to run over several man-made barriers. They are generally can be controlled via remote controlled shut-off switches that are more commonly known as the Remote Ignition Interrupter (RII) the purpose of which is the prevention of accidents in the rare event of a driver losing control of the vehicle. It is amongst the three overall switches which are out of reach of the driver, whereas the remaining two are in access. According to particular events a single truck is allowed on the track whereas for others two drivers compete against each other. They are more of a "freestyle" event.

Owing to their initial popularity in regards to the tractor pulls and the mud bogs, the monster trucks have been in style amongst the rednecks. The monster trucks are mainly symbolized as that of professional wrestling. In contrast to finding sponsors several names can be found readily for these monstrous trucks. More than often several allegations regarding the rigging of these races are made since particular trucks such as Bigfoot and Grave Digger are believed to be the popular winners in this category.

It is basically a four wheeler truck, in fact if you really think about it they are not only labeled "trucks" because of their appearance but because of their huge bodies. It is mostly custom built that includes features such as tubular chassis and their linked suspensions for provision of easy traveling up to four feet. The engines lie behind the driver and operate on methanol. Its axles are made up of the axles of the military trucks with automatic hydraulic steering. The size of the tires normally measures 66" by 43" by 25". It includes a built in mechanical transmission such as that of Ford C6 transmission and Lenco transmission to name a few. For protective measures the drivers are intended to be dressed in fire suits, helmets and neck restraints for added safety.

The charges of rigging are denied by the promoters, while several shows even go as far as displaying proof of their innocence. Stereotypes are disliked amongst the drivers, with the redneck stereotypes being the most unpopular. Fans look forward to the inclusion of this popular event in the NASCAR, but that seems unlikely as currently they are just a mode of sports “entertainment".

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