Cheap Los Angeles Clippers Tickets

Cheap Los Angeles Clippers Tickets

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Cheap Los Angeles Clippers Tickets

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Los Angeles-based fans of the NBA have two great teams to choose from if they want to attend a home game: the Lakers and the Clippers. Getting Lakers or Clippers tickets is as easy as visiting a reputable online ticket broker. By using a good ticket broker you can purchase courtside seats to any Lakers or Clippers game. And even if you want Clippers tickets to a game that is officially sold out, you can find them through a quality online ticket broker.

Buying Clippers tickets means buying more than just tickets to a great professional basketball game. It also means buying tickets to an afternoon or evening filled with fun and excitement. The Clippers as a team have a fairly exciting history. The team came into existence in 1970 when they were the Buffalo Braves. In 1978 the team moved to San Diego under new ownership and became the Clippers. Finally, in 1984 the Clippers made their new home in Los Angeles. Every year that the team has been in L.A. they've sold more and more Clippers tickets.

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Founded: 1970
Location: Los Angeles, California
Stadium: Staples Center
Conference: Western Conference
Division: Pacific Division
Dancers: Clippers Spirit Dancers

Los Angeles Clippers in history

1984-now, Los Angeles Clippers; NBA
1978-1984, San Diego Clippers; NBA
1970-1977, Buffalo Braves; NBA

Clippers Rosters

Brand, Elton (C)
Cassell, Sam
Davis, Paul
Diaz, Guillermo
Dickau, Dan
Kaman, Chris
Knight, Brevin
Livingston, Shaun
Maggette, Corey
Mobley, Cuttino
Powell, Josh
Ross, Quinton
Thomas, Tim
Thornton, Al
Williams, Aaron

The Los Angeles Clippers is a professional basketball team that is situated in Los Angeles. It is included in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and is one of the seven members of NBA Western Conference's Pacific Division. Their home ground like the Lakers is the Staples Center wearing red, white and blue colored uniforms.

They debuted in 1970 as the Buffalo Braves. In the same year they became a member of the NBA alongside Portland Trail Blazers and the Cleveland Cavaliers. They initially played as the Buffalo Braves and then as the San Diego Clippers before they were relocated to Los Angeles. The Clippers finished both two seasons with a win-loss record of 22-60 in the early seventies. In 1984 they were relocated to Los Angeles in California where they played at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena which was a few miles away from the Lakers play arena.

In the mid of the 1991-92 season Larry Brown was appointed as the head coach of the team in 1992. This move proved to be very beneficial for the team as they posted a finishing record of 23-12 for the season and an overall record of 45-37 during their career that spanned 13 years. Their advancement to the playoffs came after around 6 years in Buffalo where they were defeated by Utah Jazz during the first round. During the 2004-2005 season the Clippers posted a finishing record of 37-45 against opponents the Lakers who finished with 34-48 record. The Clippers and the Lakers both failed to make it to the play-offs but clippers managed an overall better record than the Lakers. The team included several talented young stars such as Alton Brand, Corey Maggette and Shaun Livingstone with whom the people had high hopes.

The team made several trades which included the trade of Marko Jaric and Lionel Chalmers in return for Sam Cassell. Presently the things are not going very well for the team but still they have a good overall record. In March 2006 the Clippers team had a 37-25 record which is the second best in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference. Amongst the players that are currently playing in the team are Mobley, Boniface N'Dong, James Singleton, Sam Cassell, Chris Kaman, Daniel Ewing, and Shaun Livingstone. Other players that are worth a mention are Lamar Odom, Michael Olowokandi, Brent Barry, Ron Harper and Mark Jackson to name a few.

At the start of the 2006 off-season Paul Davis was acquired in the result of a draft from the Michigan State University during the second round. The pick was given to the Clippers in return for the 2004 trade that was made with the Charlotte Bobcats. Other than that Guillermo Diaz was also drafted by the team. But Davis was officially signed with the team whereas Diaz was not as he opted to play overseas. Despite that his drafting rights are held by the Clippers. As a result they did not have any pick in the 2006 drafting.

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