Cheap Colorado Rockies Tickets

Cheap Colorado Rockies Tickets

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Cheap Colorado Rockies Tickets

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Founded: 1993
Location: Denver, Colorado
Stadium: Coors Field
Conference: National League
Division: West Division
1991- now, Colorado Rockies

All Colorado Rockies Players

Clint Barmes
Luis Gonzalez
Todd Helton
Preston Wilson
Garrett Atkins
Dustan Mohr
Desi Relaford
JD Closser
Jeff Francis

The Colorado Rockies is one of the Major League Baseball teams. It is based in Denver, Colorado and forms the Western Division of the National League. It is named after the Rocky Mountains that run through Colorado. Denver is at an altitude of 5,280 feet above the sea level. It is the highest city that has a Major League Baseball team. Phoenix follows. The height of Denver poses difficulty in fielding for Rockies. In contrast Coors Field is a hitter friendly ballpark. The fly balls that are hit carry farther at this altitude thus increasing the number of the home runs.

A wide outfield was built in order to lower the number of home runs being hit at the park. And this was the reason behind the decreased number of home runs and increased number of singles and doubles. Denver and Miami were the locations that were initially approved by the National League in 1991 for the commencement of play amongst the expansion teams in 1993. In 1993 the Florida Marlins joined the National League along with the Rockies. Like several other starting expansion teams the Rockies also struggled in their first year and it was a while before they tasted their first ever victory. They faced defeat in their first ever game against the New York Mets held at the Shea Stadium in April 1993. The lost at 3-0. But regardless of their losses the club recorded a home attendance of around four million people which remains a record attendance to date. They savored their first ever at their home ground and won at the score of 11-4.

They won 67 games in their first season which was a record for any National League expansion franchise. David Nied was their first pitcher who had recent experience of playing for the Atlanta Braves organization. He continued to play for the Rockies for 4 seasons. Amongst their lead batters Eric was popular for having a memorable home run under his belt. Then their first baseman Andrés Galarraga was the proud winner of the batting title after he hit .370 for the first season. In the fourteen years of their existence the Rockies never finished lower than the fifth rank in the National League.

The installation of a humidor took place in 2002 at Coors field for storing baseballs. The baseballs stored in the humidor at Coors Field are similar in shape and size to the original Major League Baseball. According to a theory it is believed that if the stored baseballs were kept in similar conditions not only would they serve as equalizers but also put an end to the ball tampering controversies.

The management of Rockies management has maintained a strict code of conduct for the entire team. Sexually explicit items are a taboo in their clubhouse. It is believed that the Christian code of conduct will make them successful.

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