Cheap Boston Red Sox Tickets

Cheap Boston Red Sox Tickets

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Cheap Boston Red Sox Tickets

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I was at a friend's wedding last year and he was giving away a ticket to the Boston Red Sox as a gift to whoever could manage to win the limbo contest. I'm a huge Red Sox fan, so I knew that I had to win that ticket, even though I don't even live in Boston! I think he bought it for me knowing about my limbo skills.

So there I was, half in the bag and ready to limbo for my ticket to the Boston Red Sox. I approached the bar and got down as low as I could. Just when I thought that I had made it, my legs gave out. I fell to the floor on my back. I turned over, down on all fours and pounded my fist against the floor. I couldn't believe I lost.

Okay, so I got a little carried away when I didn't win the ticket to the Boston Red Sox. I suppose in the long run, I saved myself the trouble of having to buy a plane ticket to Boston to watch the game. But still, I hankered after those tickets.

What I ended up doing was going online and visiting my favorite ticket vendor's site. I checked out his prices, found some good seats, and purchased a ticket to the Boston Red Sox for myself and my son. I booked a couple of cheap flights, and we were on our way. I hadn't realized I wanted to see the Red Sox so badly until I lost that limbo contest!

Founded: 1901
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Stadium: Fenway Park
Conference: American League
Division: Eastern Division
Boston Red Sox World Series Title: 7
Boston Red Sox AL Championships: 12

Red Sox History

1907- now, Boston Red Sox
1905-1906, Boston Puritans
1903-1904, Boston Pilgrims
1901-1902, Boston Stworsets
1900-1900, Boston Plymouth Rocks

All Boston Red Sox Players

Johnny Damon
Edgar Renteria
David Ortiz
Manny Ramirez
Trot Nixon
Jason Varitek
Bill Mueller
Bill Mueller
Mark Bellhorn

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