Cheap Boston Bruins Tickets

Cheap Boston Bruins Tickets

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Cheap Boston Bruins Tickets

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There may be no more dangerous a fan than he who holds Boston Bruins tickets in his coat pocket. Armed with these concealed weapons and a chip on his shoulder, this man should be avoided at all costs. His chip, however, should be recognized and appreciated. It is one worn with pride and with good reason.

The Bruins have made it to the last three Eastern Conference Quarter-Final games. The Bruins have not made it any farther. Some argue that having five head coaches in the last four seasons is cause for a lack of solidarity on the ice, others maintain that the skating personnel changes too often as well. Whatever the reason, that man is upset, but that man will not soon relinquish those Boston Bruins tickets.

Whether you find yourself at a game in Boston, or at a game in a city where the Bruins are visiting, I think you'll find yourself having a good time. In talking recently to a friend who moved out to Boston to go to school, I discovered he had found himself a new pastime. Truth be told, he also found himself a new means of procrastination during the hockey season. He says that as soon as he graduates, assuming he graduates, he plans on purchasing Boston Bruins tickets for an entire season with his new career.

I had no idea Boston was that passionate about its hockey. I had only heard rumors of various curses that surround their famous baseball team. And while I can only hope (for the sanity of my friend and for that man with the chip on his shoulder) that there is no curse, I think fighting a curse on the ice makes the action that much better. So if you find yourself in Boston, you might just find yourself a fan. That will be a good thing, if you happen to sit between my friend and that man with the tickets in his coat pocket.

Founded: 1924
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Stadium: TD Banknorth Garden
Conference: Eastern Conference
Division: Northeast Division
Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Titles: 5
Boston Bruins Conference Championships: 2
1924-now, Boston Bruins; [NHL]

Boston Bruins belongs to one of the six original teams of NHL. NHL franchise was bought by Grocery magnate Charles Adams for $15,000 in 1924. Yellow and brown color of Bruins team was like those of Brookside grocery stores. Bruins had a bad first season with a depressive 6-24 record. Hockey fans in Boston were hopeless until 1928 when Boston Gardens opened. Boston Bruins were a strong squad for Stanley cup in three years time of their start. They played their first final against Ottawa Senators in 1927 and lost. But teamís struggle continued and they played against New York Rangers and defeated them to win Stanly Cup Championship.

Bruins missed many games in early 1960s. A strong passionate 37 year old Harry Sinden who never played in NHL took charge in 1966-67. Bruins started to twist the corner when their future celebrity defender Bobby Orr qualified for NHL. Orr changed the conventional defense strategy by top attacks and set of goals. He played 11 seasons in NHL and won a Calder trophy as rookie of the year in 1966-67. Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito provided the strong leadership that made it possible for Bruins to change their 29 year Stanley Cup terrible history. They played against St. Louis Blues, won four consecutive games, and made unforgettable history in NHL history. Bobby Orr scored the Stanley Cup winning goal against Blues defender Noel Picard. Sinden left because of a salary argument but team continued its top performance. In a seven game sequence they played against Montreal Canadiens and lost in the first round. This defeat proved to be a motivation for Bruins and they placed themselves at first position in 1971-72 season.

In 1990 Bruins had a chance to recover when they played against Oilers in Stanley Cup finals. They won one game this time but there was no contest for Mark Messier and Bill Ranford led Edmonton Oiler team. Boston missed contests in 1996-97 season that resulted in a change of coaching lines and Pat Burns was hired. Bruins were on their feet again under his rigid defensive format and young stars as Joe Thornton and Sergei Samsonov before they lost against Washington Capitals in a six game contest. Bruins traded Ray Bourque to the Colorado Avalanche. In 1990s they were the seventh winning team by qualifying for a Stanley Cup final and three conference finals.

Allison, Guerin, Thornton and Samsonov made Bruins a younger squad in 2000s. Allison and Guerin left due to financial issues and also a new coach Robby Ftorek was hired. Bruins sustained heir performance but had not enough resources to get profound in NHL contests.

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