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Of the infinite amount of sporting event tickets you can buy, football tickets are definitely the most precious. In a season full of less than 20 games, tickets are quickly eaten up and enjoyed by the most loyal of fans. Sometimes you might find yourself among the fortunate few who are able to encroach upon one of these games.

Once your invasion is complete, you will find that your football tickets have opened up a new world that you never thought was imaginable. Watching a football game live is nothing short of a miracle. And miracles happen on the field every time. Surrounded by a sense of aggressive competition and rivalry bordering on the violent, a football game is a fantastic phenomenon to be experienced only in person.

Because most of the fans watching a football game are aware of the short life expectancy of the football season itself, there is a sense of urgency to cheer louder, clap harder and eat more nachos than at any other time. This tacit feeling that the world might soon be coming to an end results in one of the most awesome feelings in the world. A combined energy pervades the football stadium and sends fans home with an excitement that doesn't wear off for days.

Much like the way those at Woodstock knew they were witnessing something historic that day in New York, people at football games share the feeling that something important is happening and that they should make the most of the situation. If you ever get a chance to capitalize on football tickets, please do so. I promise you will not be disappointed.

NFL tickets have been a hot commodity since long before the league itself was formed. People would flock from miles around to see early versions of the sport. As early as the 12th century, monarchs like Edward II banned the game because it was more popular than the military sport of archery. Football then split into soccer and rugby, until it finally reemerged as football again in the late 1800s.

Still as distracting today as it was back then, football is banned by wives and mothers across the nation because it is more popular than ... than ... whatever she just said. And that's just television! Imagine having NFL tickets to a live football game. Talk about distraction! Actually, there are no distractions. None are welcome. Every seat is intently focused on the action on the field.

Fans of football everywhere agree on one thing--is it September yet? The season seems to end as soon as it starts. For the aforementioned housewives and mothers, I'm sure it lasts a lot longer. For those fans who are lucky enough to afford NFL tickets, a memory is made that will never die. Once you've been to your first football game, you immediately want to go to another one.

Whether you've never been to a football game, or you've already been to scores of them, I urge you to get out there and do it (again). Sometimes I feel like it's a hassle to go out and get tickets for the game, but once I'm there I remember why I had so much fun the last time and I never want the feeling to end. NFL tickets are a legacy in and of themselves. They are a legacy that everyone can be a part of.