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If you've never seen the glow in a youngster's eyes as he eagerly grasps a pair of baseball tickets, you've never truly experienced America's pastime. This and other visually charming occurrences are all a part of the overall sensation you get at a baseball game. Sure, there's the action that is taking place on the field below, but it's the small things happening all around that can warm your heart and slowly let you into the magical world that is baseball.

I will not soon forget some of my first games. My grandfather used to purchase eight baseball tickets for each game of the season. He and my grandmother would treat various people to each game because they thought it was that important to witness such an experience. For me, I couldn't wait for the eighth inning. That was when it was okay to run up the aisle and find myself an ice-cream sundae in a miniature helmet. The helmet never fit, and I think I'm still trying to get rid of some of those sundaes. I couldn't tell you the score of any of those games, but that's the whole idea.

By "always," I am, of course, referring to the season that never seems to end. Football comes and goes in a flash with each team maybe playing 20 games. Baseball, on the other hand, has its teams play almost 100 more! The benefit to you is that there's almost always a game to be found. More importantly, with so many games it's hard to find one before the playoffs that would be sold out.

Whether it is as a gift or just something to do, baseball tickets never disappoint. There will always be something new to experience on the field and in the stands around you. Who knows, you might even find that you've become a fan. I'm still a very loyal fan of my team--and of those helmet sundaes.